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Klingersil C 4430
Klingersil C 4430
Klingersil C 4430
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Jual Klingersil C 4430

Spesifikasi Klingersil C 4430

Spesifikasi Produk :

Kategori Klingersil C-4430 Glass Fiber With NBR Binder.
Keterangan : Applications Steam, Hidrocarbons, Used For Oil Oxygen And Portable Applications.Premium Qualiti Material For Many Industrial Sealing Applications, Excellens Resistance To Hot Water And Steam.

Propeties Good Steam Resistance, Resistan To Oils, Fuels, Hidrocarbon Etc, WRAS Approved Use In Hot And Coid Potable Water, Fire Safe, Availabe In Sheet From And As Cut Gasket, Temperatur 400 C.



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